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It's time to say goodbye

It's been fun, but everything has come to an end. I've been working on this site since it opened in 1999 and I learned a lot in the early days as I embarked on my IT career. It has become a chore as ad-blockers have killed all the advertising income. Things like GDPR have arrived and that's more work to implement. Software and hosting fees keep going up and now they want more money to run sites with SSL, Russians hackers try to break site on a daily basis. As some of you know I have battled with health problems for some years and I can't do everything.

Thank you to everyone that has used the site and enjoyed it.

I've started a new Facebook Group called Partysounds Musicians if you want keep the conversation going. Come and say hi, it maybe successful as a musician finder site in it's own right.

Keep the good music going,

Best wishes


PS The domain name www.partysounds.co.uk is up for sale, no site data is available for sale. Contact me via the Facebook group please or email matt@partysounds.co.uk


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Date: 15-06-2017

Age: 41-50
Standard: Experienced
Electric Guitar

Guitarist Wanted - W Mids W.Mids

Adept, reliable, happy guitarist sought for new band (drums, bass, vocals and keys sorted) concentrating on accessible low fat prog, not 40 minute wigouts but some of those rare gems that have brushed the eardrums of enough people, maybe even charted! I know what I like in your wardrobe, Aqualung, Blinded by the light, Baba O'R, Kashmir, Sylvia as examples.Drums/keys/bass/vocals up for it so looking for guitar to give it a go, Tull, Floyd, Moodies, Marillion, Genesis, King Crimson, Man, Lunatic Soul, Steve Wilson, Atomic Rooster, Riverside, BJH, Focus, Camel, Wishbone, Who....... there are more. If you;d like to swap brown eyed girl for cross eyed mary please contact me, thanks for looking.

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